Conar McGregor's recovery from injury at UFC 264 left fans speculating when his next move would be.

Once again he secretly announced his retirement from MMA.

McGregor teases his official absence from the Octagon McGregor said mother, I will never forget you.

The tweet came after McGregor bagged the role in the Road House remake alongside Jack Gyllenhaal.

canor McGregor was at the top of the world a few years ago, winning the UFC lightweight and featherweight titles with ease.

In 2016, he defeated Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title. This would be his last fight for the UFC until 2019.

McGregor lost his second consecutive fight against Dustin Pierrier at UFC 264.

In the process he suffered a broken please and underwent surgery to fix it.

Returning to action is expected in 2023 but filming of Road house may be delayed. Agri has also teased a rematch with Mayweather.