This NBA offseason has been ruled by way of the ongoing news that Brooklyn Nets movie star Kevin Durant

 Desired to be traded and become unhappy with the way of life and course of the group.

Although several groups reportedly had interest in him, the Nets’ asking rate became extraordinarily excessive,

 And hence there was no actual movement closer to consummating a deal.

But now, Nets fashionable manager Sean Marks has issued a declaration that  

 says Durant has recommitted to the group and may be staying placed.

The Lakers have been trying to gather Durant’s big name teammate Kyrie Irving during the summer season but to no avail.

According to more than one reports, one of the reasons L.A. Become unsuccessful 

became its reluctance to encompass a couple of future first-spherical draft choose in a capacity alternate for him.

If Durant is certainly going to live in Brooklyn, the group has seemingly no cause to alternate Irving.

The simplest thing that might likely exchange that stance is Irving’s attempt at getting a contract extension. 

He is going into the very last yr of his contemporary contract, and there's always the chance that if his camp can not come to terms  

With the Nets on a new deal, they'll be open to buying and selling him for you to get some cost for him at the open market. 

But at the least for now, the Lakers will have to regroup and study other exchange objectives.