We're more than a month into the kevin durant exchange sweepstakes, and so far, we have not even come near a deal.

Even as talks are in reality ongoing, it would not look like we are going to get a exchange anytime soon.

Consistent with ian begley, there may be "a variety of pessimism" surrounding a durant deal being finished in the near future.

 Even as the brooklyn nets have up to now did not generate a proposal worthy of durant,

Begley also notes that they've struggled to discover a third or fourth group to facilitate this sort of exchange.

The nets have held out hope all through this manner that durant might ultimately retract his exchange request,

With beneath two months to go earlier than the start of education camp, the nets have lots of time to searching for out

 higher exchange offers or for circumstances across the league to trade sufficient

for a new consumer to grow to be inspired. But proper now, it appears as although

 The nets and durant are in something of a maintaining sample.