Amazon Prime currently launched the a great deal awaited Samaritan film, which featured Sylvester Stallone in a superhero function.

The stay-motion variation of the 2014 photo novel tells the story of superpowered twin brothers  Samaritan and Nemesis (Joe Smith).

The film starts with a flashback where we learn about a battle between the twin brothers that came about 25 years in the past.

 Samaritan – the best man and the city’s savior – had to face his brother, Nemesis, who turned to the darkish side.

Nemesis and Samaritan were invincible, so the “terrible dual” cast a deadly hammer to kill his brother.

Nemesis planted bombs at the town’s electricity grid to create chaos, however thankfully, Samaritan arrived right on time to stop his brother.

An extreme war takes area among the twins, and every person inside the city believes they both misplaced their lives in an explosion that night.

 However, not anything can be further from the fact. Apparently, Nemesis wasn’t absolutely evil, and he really had a specific attitude on things.

While Samaritan fought to maintain law and order, his twin brother hated the gadget that became feeding the rich after snatching from the poor.